Yesterday I browsed the internet and found a game called "Life is Feudal." It's a sandbox MMO with no subscription, Mount and Blade combat-style and, best of all, player-created politics and cities...

The of Camorr iwas born.

With myself as Duke (username Strategos) and my cabinet almost full, now is the time to join our ranks (before release so we can make a more impressive forum prescence and you can be a part of pre-game votes n' things). 

You find our Recruitment Page (on which you can post to join) at Life is, in the "guild recruitment" part of the forum.  


In the Case of Signatures: list the Links for the Steam Group, Enjin Site, and Recruitment Thread: this helpful "passive advertising" will help get more people into the guild! 

You'll find Forum Signatures Below (I'm currently using the bottom



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