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The Twelve Gods are the main deities of the Therin faith. Each of the Twelve Gods have their own followers, temples and priests, as well as traditions and rituals. 

The Gods

Though we've seen the names of most of the Twelve Gods, some have yet to be mentioned in the series proper. However Scott Lynch has talked about their names and responsibilities on his tumblr. The Twelve are:

  • Iono - The Lord of the Grasping Water, god of the sea.
  • Aza Guilla - The Lady of the Long Silence, goddess of death.
  • Perelandro - Lord of the Overlooked, god of mercy and charity.
  • Gandolo - Lord of Coin and Commerce, god of merchants and trade.
  • Nara - The Lady of Ubiquitous Maladies, goddess of sickness and poison.
  • Morgante - The Lord of Noose and Trowel, god of law and order.
  • Callo Androno - The Eyes on the Crossroad, god of travel, languages and lore.
  • Preva - Lady of the Red Madness, goddess of love, madness and inspiration.
  • Venaportha - The Lady With Two Faces, goddess of luck.
  • Dama Elliza - Mother of Rains and Reaping, goddess of agriculture and farming.
  • Sendovani - goddess of secrets, mysteries, knowledge, alchemy.
  • Azri - god of nature, weather and war.

Some also believe in a thirteenth god, the Nameless Thirteenth, the Crooked Warden, the Benefactor, god of thieves.