The Moncraine Company (later known as the Moncraine-Boulidazi Company) is a theatrical group founded by Jasmer Moncraine and based out of Espara. Although the company was initially well-regarded upon its creation and known to have performances that catered to members of the Esparan nobility, the group's success went into decline, influenced at least in part by the debt amassed by Moncraine himself and the start of a rival acting company owned by Amilio Basanti.

Members and stakeholders in the troupe include Genarro Boulidazi, Sylvanas Olivios Andrassus, Alondo Razi, Jenora Gloriano, Alizana Gloriano, Chantal Couza and Bertrand Couza. The company is known to perform in the Old Pearl amphitheater which was constructed 180 years prior by Count Poldaris the Just.

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