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Also called The Lake of Jewels, the Amathel is a large freshwater lake (or small freshwater sea, depending on who you ask) that is also the source of the River Cavendria. The sister cities of Karthain and Lashain sit on the northeast and south banks of the lake, respectively.

The waters of the lake were said to have healing powers. This may have something to do with the unexplained phenomena that give the lake its alternate name. Lashain has a fair amount of tourism from people looking to the lake's black sand shores to cure rheumatism.

The Lake of Jewels gets its name from the mysterious lights that can be seen shining deep beneath its surface. The lights come in different colors including red and white, and no explanation for their presence has been verified. Theories run the gamut of plausibility, from left-behind Eldren relics, to bio luminescent fish, to the souls of the thousand mutineers drowned by the mad emperor Orixanos.

The theory that alchemical runoff may have polluted the lake enough that it caused fish to glow doesn't seem to have gained enough traction to prevent people from partaking of the bounty of the Amathel, however, as lake frogs and mushrooms are among the delicacies prepared by chefs in the area.


  • Patience's husband, a master gardener, drowned in the Amathel six months after their son, The Falconer, was born.