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Doña Sofia Salvara is a relatively rich and successful alchemist and the wife of Lorenzo Salvara. They are both members of the elite class in Camorr and are targets one of the long cons devised by Locke Lamora and executed by Gentlemen Bastards in the book The Lies of Locke Lamora.

Locke preys on her husband's interest in amassing more wealth in a confidence scheme by disguising himself as a merchant from Emberlain and later the Duke's Spider. The Salvaras bring Locke into their sphere of influence during the con. Doña Salvara becomes aware of Locke's scheme through her friendship with Doña Angiavesta Vorchenza, the Duke's true Spider. Doña Vorchenza instructs the Salvaras to keep of the scheme running and she will speak to the Duke about getting them help to save embarrassment and capture the Thorn of Camorr. Although they are ultimately unsuccessful in charging Locke with any crime, Doña Vorchenza chooses to pass her estate, as well as her secret title, to Sofia and her husband, leaving them to become (as a duo) the new Spider of Camorr.