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Sabetha Belacoros was a member of the Gentlemen Bastards and the love interest of Locke Lamora until she left Camorr for some unkown business.


Little is known about her history. From the excerpt, it is known that she lived in Shades' Hill as a child, which is where she first met Locke. In the books it is believed that Red-Haired girls (especially virgins) hold special properties when cut open and raped, she is very conscious about hiding her hair; when Locke meets her it has been dyed brown and she wears a cap. She disappeared from Shades' Hill around the age of 8/9, probably because Chains adopted her into the Gentlemen Bastards.

For reasons unexplained, Chains sent Sabetha away at a young age, though where we do not know. Chains does say in The Lies of Locke Lamora: ‘You’ve reached a certain age when many boys seem to just sort of fold up their better judgement and set it aside for a few years. Hell, Sabetha’s done it too. Part of the reason I sent her off to where she is at the moment.’ Sabetha’s precise role within the Gentlemen Bastards is still unclear, though Chains states that she is an ’ornament’ to their gang and intriguingly described her as ‘the born queen of all the charmers that ever lived.’

Locke and Sabetha’s relationship is still shrouded in mystery, though we know it was turbulent, riddled with rivalry and as a result, it becomes a touchy subject that Locke isn’t inclined to dwell upon, hinting at a deep connection that ended unpleasantly, reinforced by Calo’s reprimand: ‘I don’t recall her fucking things up without your able assistance’. From the excerpt, it is made clear that Locke's love for her is expressly one way to begin with.

The exact date Sabetha left the Gentlemen Bastards is unclear, though the book hints that she left four years prior to The Lies Of Locke Lamora.

It is hinted that while Locke is named the ‘Thorn of Camorr’, Sabetha is titled the ‘Rose of Camorr’.

According to the Sanza twins, she now dwells in Parlay, a canton of the Kingdom of Seven Marrows, ‘thousands of miles away’ from Camorr.


Again, little is known about Sabetha. The Sanza twins suggest that she is arrogant and impetuous (‘Maybe we could have her back a little less crazy, though.’ ‘And humble. Humble would be good’). Locke reinforces this claim by describing her as ‘so mad and so lovely’.

In Red Seas Under Red Skies Locke also implies that Sabetha has a love for climbing. She also appears to be a talented thief as she was part of the exclusive Windows crew in Shades' Hill.


  • Sabetha will make her long awaited debut in the third book, the Republic Of Thieves and, as Lynch described, she will be the ‘centrepiece’ of the novel.
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