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Port Prodigal is the capital and only remaining city on the Ghostwind Islands. It is a pirate city, sitting on a long strip of shore at the edge of a dark jungle. The waters are free of fish and other sea creatures, and is noted that it makes fishing for food a bother.

Port Prodigal is home to the pirate council, five of the biggest pirate outfits in the Brass Sea, who act as a form of government for the island. The setup is tenuous at best, considering the feelings the other pirates have for each other.

The port is also home to a man known as the Shipbreaker, who will buy captured ships, fix them, and sell them to third parties, usually for much less than a legitimate ship can be bought for, but at a much higher profit than what he paid for it to begin with.

There are two ways to enter Port Prodigal; the Trade Gate and The Parlor. The Trade Gate is usually a slower way in to the port, sporting many twists and turns, and with a wind pattern that does not always favor large ships. The Parlor on the other hand is home to some unknown entity that resides on one of the islands on the route, that seems to manipulate the fog, speak to it's potential victims telepathically, and attempts to manipulate them to their own deaths. When traversing this route at night, the ships are advised to light their decks up as bright as possible and keep their eyes (when possible) away from the water.