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The Posion Orchid is a pirate ship, captained by Zamira Drakasha, known to operate in the Sea of Brass. The ship was built from a distinctive, dark witchwood and is generally kept in excellent condition with a significant portion of stolen wealth allotted to its upkeep. It makes port exclusively in Port Prodigal in the Ghostwind Islands.

Despite being a pirate ship, under Captain Drakasha's orders, no slaves are to be taken by the Poison Orchid; any person sailing on a captured vessel is given the option to work on the ship until it reaches Port Prodigal, at which point they are free to leave or are offered a position as an official crew member, given that they agree to the established code of conduct.

Known crew members of the Poison Orchid include (but are not limited to):

Additionally, the ship is home to Paolo and Cossetta, Captain Drakasha's two young children.