Perelandro, Lord of the Overlooked, Father of Mercies, is one of The Twelve, the gods of the Therin people. He is the god of mercy, protector of the weak and helpless. As the god of people such as orphans and beggars, people who are weak and overlooked, Perelandro is sometimes the butt of jokes when people are feeling less than pious. He's sometimes referred to as "the beggar god."

The Priesthood

Priests of Perelandro wear simple hooded robes of plain white cotton with silver embroidery at the sleeves. The divines of Perelandro are expected to live austere lives with minimal comforts or luxuries because all of the money they collect and all of their efforts are supposed to go toward helping the poor and the overlooked.

The priesthood of Perelandro is led by a single chief divine to which the others are supposed to report.

Father Chains spent many years in Camorr pretending to be a blind priest in the service of Perelandro and operating his gang out of the Temple of Perelandro. While it was simply a cover for his true status as a priest of the Nameless Thirteenth, his eccentric act as a dedicated priest of the Lord of the Overlooked, blinded and perpetually chained to the inside of the temple, got attention for Perelandro across the continent and particularly in Camorr where a god specializing in helping the helpless might otherwise have been overlooked Himself.

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