'Archedama' Patience is a five-ring ranked Bondsmage from the city of Karthain. She is the Falconer's mother, yet elects to help Locke Lamora overcome his poisoning while he is at the edge of death. In return, she expects Locke and Jean to help her rig the Karthain elections, due to not being able to directly do anything to tamper with them her self. As far as Bondsmages go, she seems to be patient and collected, even during vastly complicated rituals. She is shown to be able to control a full ship with her own mental ability, while also showing Jean and Locke her memories, not long after doing an apparently draining ritual to save Locke. When Locke mentions levitation to her, as a snarky remark, she plays it off as if it's a mere parlor trick and not worth her energy.

Her known affiliates include a small crew of apprentice mages (of whom Locke neglects to take their names) and Coldmarrow. Her son was the Falconer, but a difference in ideologies seems to have put distance between them.

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