Nazca Belonna Jenavais Angeliza de Barsavi, commonly known as Nazca Barsavi, was the youngest child and only daughter of Vencarlo Barsavi, the capa of the Camorri underworld. She was a friend of Locke Lamora, who was also her first pezon.


Nazca was born in Tal Verrar, but raised in Camorr after her father moved his family there. She grew into a headstrong young girl, and first met Locke Lamora when he was brought before her father as a young boy. Even though she treated him unkindly, he asked to become her servant, and her father agreed to make him her very first pezon.

Later in life, Nazca wore glasses to compensate for her bad eyesight, which she and her brothers had inherited from their mother. Her father attempted to have Locke Lamora court her, in order to make him his successor, much to the chagrin of both Nazca and Locke.

She was killed in The Lies of Locke Lamora by The Gray King, and her body delivered to her father's home, The Floating Grave, in a pickle barrel.

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