The God

Morgante, The City Father, Lord of Noose and Trowel, is one of The Twelve, the gods of the Therin people. He is the god of order, heirarchies, and harsh consequences. Least accomodating to the "semi-heresy" of the Nameless Thirteenth. Morgante rules executioners, constables, and judges. Any thief that goes into one of his temples must lack a bit of sense. As the god responsible for public order, Morgante is one of the two deities, along with Callo Androno, who were publicly invoked before a play in any Therin city. One of his symbols is an iron staff. The usual sacrifice to Morgante in one of His temples is a lash and a silver compass.

The Priesthood

The divines of Morgante wear black and grey robes, the mantles bearing emblems of crossed hammers and trowels. They likely have a close relationship with law enforcement, at least in Camorr. Because they've been seen in charge of at least once prisoner from the Palace of Patience who was allowing himself to be ritually abused to mitigate a presumably harsher sentence.

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