The Meraggio family are the wealthiest family in Camorr, the head of the family is called The Meraggio and whose current head is Giancana Meraggio. He runs their bank Meraggio’s Countinghouse, which is the most powerful bank on Coin-Kissers Row.

The family made its original fortune under Nicola Meraggio who was a trader-captain who outraced news of the Duke's death so she could buy all the black mourning crepe, which she later resold at extravagant price. Another famous Meraggio is Ostavo Meraggio, who was the third one of note. He threw fifty gold tyrins in the deepest part of Camrorr Bay for a whole year. (LoLL)

"Not without reason is it sometimes said that in Camorr there are two dukes—Nicovante, the Duke of Glass, and Meraggio, the Duke of White Iron." (LoLL)

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