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Lashain is the sister city of Karthain, both of which sit on The Amathel (Lake of Jewels) at the head of the River Cavendria. It is famous throughout the world as a place where anything, in particular a noble title, can be bought. It's also a popular destination for people coming to partake of The Amathel's waters and their supposed healing properties.

The people of Lashain are extremely manners-conscious. With so many nobles living in one place, ceremony and precedence of rank are extremely important. Getting something wrong in this area could easily result in a duel.

In a city where rank and title are so important, it is often difficult for people without a title to get access to the best services of the city, such as the top physicians, even if they happen to have plenty of money to spend.

Lashain's underworld, though nothing like the size of Camorr's is well-organized and relatively colorful. They're wary enough of their Camorri counterparts to step lightly in areas where they might be concerned.

Lashani Nobility

The highest order of nobility in Lashain is the regio, and it is by the grace of the regio that nearly anyone, for the right price, can be minted a Peer of Lashain.

Ranks of nobility available for purchase include, demibaron, baron, viscount, count, and even marquis.

Also available are special honors, which, naturally, cost extra. "Defender of the Twelvefold Faith" is one of the most popular. There are also orders of knighthood that, while meaningless in reality, look marvelous on a coat lapel.