Jean Tannen

Jean Tannen holding his Wicked Sisters as portrayed by Keja Blank
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Jean Tannen
Graumann, Tavrin Callas, Jerome Valora, Jerome de Ferra
Priest of Aza Guilla
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16 stones
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RSuRS: Epilogue

Jean Tannen is a young thief from Camorr and a member of the Gentlemen Bastards. He is the companion and best friend of Locke Lamora.


Before becoming Father Chains’ pezon Jean lived an honest, comfortable life in North Corner as an only child, alongside his merchant parents. They owned a shop and transported leather, silk and gems, with Jean aiding the counting and record keeping. Courtesy to this upbringing Jean can read and write in Therin, Vadran and Issavrai and holds substantial knowledge of the business world, even prior to his education in the Gentlemen Bastards.

This part of his life came to an abrupt and tragic end at the age of ten, when the shop burnt to the ground, taking his family and former life with it. Jean became a Shades’ Hill orphan three days later, where he stayed for two days before the Thiefmaker sold him to Father Chains, two years subsequent to Locke’s affiliation.

Jean then became an initiate of the Nameless Thirteenth, learnt weaponry with Don Maranzalla and became affiliated into Aza Guilla’s priesthood. Despite their turbulent start, Jean and Locke forged an unlikely friendship, whereupon Jean became utterly devoted to his garrista.

The details of his teenage years are yet to be revealed.


Jean’s deadly reputation is renown throughout Camorr’s underworld, and rightly so, for he is lethal with or without his weapons, a pair of hatchets drolly named the 'Wicked Sisters'. However, his intimidating reputation is counterbalanced by a gentler side; soft spoken and with a love for romantic drama novels, Jean's aggressive nature - instigated by his fiery temper - is often betrayed only by his size. His gentle disposition does not impede his merciless attitude however; he will kill anyone who dares threaten him or his brothers and he will always put the other’s well being before his own.

Jean is more placid, patient and polite compared to his brothers. He has great faith in Locke’s abilities but will not hesitate to voice reason, and is quick to shrink Locke’s ego into a more agreeable size.

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