Jasmer Moncraine is the founder of the Moncraine Company, an acting troupe based out of Espara and an old associate of Father Chains. He is an actor himself and his profession is centered around producing theater shows with his cast members, particularly plays based on the works of the famous author, Lucarno. Regular members of the group include Sylvanas Olivios Andrassus, Alondo Razi and Jenora.

In the 78th year of Preva, Locke, Jean, Sabetha, Calo and Galdo are sent to aid Jasmer by performing as actors in the company's rendition of The Republic of Thieves. Prior to their arrival, however, Moncraine is incarcerated for drunkenly assaulting an Esparan nobleman, Gennaro Boulidazi, who sought to purchase ownership of his acting company. Additionally, he had accrued a large debt, which fuels his reluctance to attempt to appeal his sentence of one year and one day and return to his work, as remaining in prison would be a relatively safe haven from debt collectors. Despite this, Sabetha and Locke are able to successfully get him released through a con involving the Baron.

Jasmer is generally considered unreliable, even by members of his own company. His passion for theater, however, appears to be genuine and he is found to be more than competent in terms of directing a show and training actors and actresses.

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