The God

Iono, the Lord of the Grasping Waters, the Stormbringer, is one of The Twelve, gods of the Therin people. He is the god of the sea and praised by sailors. He is called upon for protection against the many dangers of the sea. It is said that the Lord of the Grasping Waters has a thing for the daughters of the land. Because of this he'll smash any ship foolish enough to put to sea without at least one woman on board. He also admires cats for their excessive pride.

In Tal Verrar the twenty-first of Aurim is the Festa Iono, a grand pageant where the people give thanks to Iono for His influence on the city's fortunes by ceremonially burning old ships in the harbor.

The Priesthood

Priests of Iono wear sea-green robes fringed with silver. By tradition any ships' captain can be declared a lay priest of Iono with a minimum of study at any proper temple of Iono. This means that while at sea the captain can lead prayers, perform marriages and even give death-blessings.

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