The House of Glass Roses is a school-of-arms run byDon Tomsa Maranzalla, where it teaches the finer points of hand-to-hand combat. Jean Estevan Tannen went to the House of Glass Roses to learn to fight, though it usually housed young nobles. The whole building is made from Elderglass - however, there is one peculiar area that transcends the normal mysteries of the Eldren in its strangeness, and it is also what the building is named after.

The Garden Without Fragrance

On top of the House of Glass Roses is a hedge maze, made entirely from transparent Elderglass roses. Each rose, leaf, and thorn is sharp enough to open human flesh upon the slightest touch- upon doing so, the hedge will absorb the blood drawn from the wound through the glass stems and into the center of the hedge, where it roils and churns without signs of ever stopping. The very center of this garden is, not at all coincidentally, where Don Maranzalla's weapons lessons are held- it has become a tradition to feed any blood shed during sparring into the Elderglass roses, where the blood joins the swirling masses already entombed inside.

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