A mysterious character who is killing Capa Barsavi's garristas.

He is later revealed to be Capa Raza (Therin for 'revenge'), brother of Cheryn and Raiza Berangias (Capa Barsavi’s bodyguards and contrarequiallas). Back when the Secret Peace was newly established, the siblings' father, a merchant, discovered the arrangement and demanded that he be included in it. Capa Barsavi had the siblings entire family killed; the three surviving children were smuggled away by a maid. They all three swore their revenge on Barsavi.

Locke is taken off of the street by the Falconer and coerced into helping the Gray King. Locke is dressed as the Gray King and sent to the Echo Hole to meet with Barsavi after the murder of Nazca, under the impression that the Falconer will protect him from harm. Instead, the Gray King allows for Locke to be sealed in a barrel of horse urine and dropped into the Echo Hole. While the meeting is taking place, he sends an assassin to kill the Sanza twins and steal the money out of the Gentlemen Bastards' vaults. He smuggles all of their money onto a supposed plague ship in the form of supplies, manned by the Capa's people.

Together, the siblings then kill Capa Barsavi at the celebration following the meeting at the Echo Hole, with the help of a Bondsmage, and establish themselves as the new ruling family of Camorr's Right People. Capa Raza promises that things shall remain just as they were under Capa Barsavi, granted that the garristas of each gang swears allegiance to him.

With the Falconer, Capa Raza pays a visit to Doña Vorchenza and has the Falconer force an invitation to the Day of Changes celebration at Raven's Reach. He offers a gift of four glass sculptures to the duke, which in reality are filled with Wraithstone, set to detonate at Falselight. The effect would have been the Gentling of the entire peerage of the duke.

Warned by a note from Jean, Capa Raza awaits Locke's arrival at the Wooden Waste. When he arrives, the two engage in a vicious fight, in which Locke is vastly outmatched. Eventually, Locke manages to distract Capa Raza by flicking a coin and calling Jean's name, giving Locke the opportunity to kill him.

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