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Baron Gennaro Boulidazi of Palazzo Corsala is a young nobleman of Espara.

In the 78th year of Preva, Boulidazi is assaulted by Jasmer Moncraine after trying to purchase the rights to his acting troupe, the Moncraine Company. As a result, he is the only person capable of releasing Moncraine from his sentence and ends up being targeted by Sabetha Belacoros and Locke Lamora in a confdence scheme, who (along with the other Gentlemen Bastards) are both intending to work under Moncraine as part of his troupe.

After Sabetha and Locke trick Boulidazi into believing they are a pair of Camorri nobles, he is convinced to pardon Moncraine and become a financial sponsor for the acting company. Additionally, Boulidazi is charmed by Sabetha and seeks out a romantic relationship with her and while asserting his presence at all rehearsals. Although Sabetha pretends to be equally charmed by him as he is by her, she refuses to consummate the relationship. The night prior to their performance on stage, Sabetha gets Boulidazi very drunk in an attempt to avoid him. Frustrated and inebriated, he attempts to rape Jenora Gloriano, who stabs him (though it is Sabetha who deals the finishing blow). The Gentlemen Bastards and members of the acting troupe then must cover up his death.