The God

Gandolo, Wealth-Father, Filler of Vaults, the Lord of Coin and Commerce, heavenly father of business transactions, is one of The Twelve, the gods of the Therin people. He is the god of commerce and is usually the god to which merchants make their primary oath. Images of Gandolo, sculptures and paintings depicting Him as round-bellied, fat, sly, and infinitely content, can be found on counting houses throughout the Therin world.

The Priesthood

Initiates of the priesthood of Gandolo get pastries and ale every second week and a copper piece every Idler's Day to spend as they wish in honor of the Lord of Coin and Commerce.

Calo Sanza infiltrated the priesthood of Gandolo as an initiate to learn their secrets and bring the information back to the rest of the Gentlemen Bastards.

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