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Here is a list I made while reading LoL I thought it might be useful in making new wiki pages. Sorry for sp mistakes

Locke Lamora Characters and Places


  • =====Locke Lamora - main protagonist, leader of Gentleman Bastards=====
  • =====Jean Tannen- member of the Gentleman Bastards, Locke's right hand man.=====
  • =====Bug - youngest member of the Gentleman Bastards=====
  • =====Calo Sanza- member of the Gentleman Bastards, twin to Galdo=====
  • =====Galdo Sanza- member of the Gentleman Bastards, twin to Calo=====
  • =====Sabetha Belacoros- past member of the gentleman bastards, romantic interest of Locke=====
  • =====Don Lorenzo Salvara - The nobelman that the gentleman bastards are trying to steal from.=====
  • =====Doña Sophia Salvara - wife of Don Lorenzo Salvara- has an interest in business, is incredibly talented in biology and genetics.=====
  • =====Conté- ex-soldier bodyguard of the Salvaras=====
  • =====Duke Nicovante is the ruler of the city of Camorr.=====
  • =====Don Paleri Jacobo - sworn enemy of Don Lorenzo Salvara.=====
  • =====Dona Vorchenza- a senile elderly noble.=====

  • =====Father Chains- leader of the Gentlemen Bastard. False priest of Perelandro, true priest of Crooked Warden.=====
  • =====Thiefmaker- leader of the Shades hill orphans=====
  • =====Capa Vencarlo Barsavi- leader of the criminal underworld of Camorr=====
  • =====Anjais Barsavi- child of Capa Barsavi=====
  • =====Nazca Barsavi- child of Capa Barsavi=====
  • =====Pachero Barsavi- youngest child of Capa Barsavi and only daughter=====
  • =====Sage of Kindness- Capa Barsavi's torturer=====
  • =====Cheryn and Raiza Berangias, identical twins, Capa Barsavi’s personal bodyguards and executioners. The greatest performers at the shifting revels at killing sharks etc.=====
  • =====The Falconer- a Bondsmagi from Karthain in service of the Gray King.=====
  • =====Gray King-a mysterious character who seems to be trying to screw with the order of the Thieves of Camorr. (Capa Raza)=====
  • =====The Thorn of Camorr- a legendary thief who violates the Secret Peace of Camorri=====
  • =====Graumann- Jean in Don Lorenzo Salvara heist=====
  • =====Tavrin Callas- a go-to alias for Jean Tannon=====
  • =====Lucas Fehrwright- Locke's Alias- in Don Salvara heist=====
  • =====Spider- Camorr's secret spymaster=====
  • =====Graf von Emberlain- The King of Emberlain, has his own private army and navy=====
  • =====Black Table- the council of Emberlain's most powerful merchants=====
  • =====House of bel Auster- Locke's fictional employers- one of the powerful merchant families of Emberlain. They produce Asterchalin Brandy=====
  • =====Camorr- a Therin city state. made up of canalls and islands=====
  • =====Sea of Brass- sea connected to Camorr=====
  • =====Catchfire- poor district of Camorr. Locke's begining=====
  • =====Raven's Reach- the home of Duke Nicovantethe ruler of the city of Camorr. It is the highest of the Five towers=====
  • =====Coin Kissers Row- Camarri finacial district=====
  • =====The Fauria- stone apartments and rooftop gardens opposite the financial district=====
  • =====The Videnza district- comfortable section of town=====
  • =====The Narrows- located at the tip of the bad part of the city=====
  • =====The Shifting Market- merchant selling on barges (half a mile long). Also used for the Shifting Revel=====
  • =====Alegrante islands- home to the nobility of Camorr=====
  • =====Marra Camorrazza- open park, dangerous=====
  • =====Twosilver Green- open park, more safe than Marra Camorrazza=====
  • =====Wooden Waste- ship graveyard, home of Capa Barsavi=====
  • =====The Dregs- a poverty- wracked part of Camorr=====
  • =====The Cauldron- the worst part of Camorr=====
  • =====Shades Hill- old converted graveyard where the Thiefmakers orphans live=====
  • =====Palace of Patience- Where Dukes Magistrates do law?=====
  • =====Old Citadel- where the yellowjackets (police) reside outside the Palace of Patience=====

  • =====Karthain - Home of the Bondsmagi=====
  • =====Tal Verrar is a large Therin city-state located on the coast of the Sea of Brass.=====
The Gods
  • =====Iono - The Lord of the Grasping Water=====
  • =====Aza Guilla - The Lady of the Long Silence=====
  • =====Perelandro - Lord of the Overlooked=====
  • =====Gandolo - Lord of Coin and Commerce=====
  • =====Nara - The Lady of Ubiquitous Maladies=====
  • =====Morgante - The Lord of Noose and Trowel=====
  • =====Callo Androno - God of travel, languages and lore=====
  • =====Preva - Lady of the Red Madness=====
  • =====Venaportha - The Lady With Two Faces=====
  • =====Dama Elliza - Mother of Rains and Reaping=====
  • =====Sendovani - ♀ Secrets, mysteries, knowledge, alchemy.=====
  • =====Azri - ♂ Nature, weather and war.=====
  • =====thirteenth god, the Nameless Thirteenth, crooked warden=====