Falconer by lilia anisimova
Physical Description
Chronological Information
First Appeared
The Lies of Locke Lamora
The Falconer is a bondsmage who was hired by The Grey King as a violent tool for revenge upon the noble citizens of Camorr. He is the second main antagonist of the first book. The Falconer has a falcon named Vestris who hunts for him, and he is linked with the animal by a powerful spell. The Falconer helps to kill the Garristas of Capa Barsavi and the members of The Gentlemen Bastards : Calo, Galdo and Bug.

The bondsmage was arrogant and felt victorious in every way, but he was lured into a trap by Locke and then tortured by the Gentleman Bastard and his friend, Jean. Once Jean and Locke exacted revenge on the Falconer by cutting out his tongue and his fingers, leaving him half mad with pain, they gave him to the authorities of Camorr to take him back to the city of bondsmages : Karthain.

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