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Lies of Locke Lamora Edit

During the Shifting Revel, convicted criminals are forced to fight in a Judicial Forfeiture. The creature they are forced to fight is a Jereshti Devilfish. The creature is described as having a mottled grey body with twelve foot long tentacles. In the book, it is said to rip men apart, and at one point a torso flys out of the water. This means it could have spines or teethlike protrusions on its tentacles. The devilfish easily defeats the men and is killed by guards.

Red Seas Under Red Skies Edit

When Locke and Zamira are talking by the taffrail of the Poison Orchard, a large creature is trailing the boat. Zamora claims it could be many things, including a giant devilfish. This implies that devilfish can potentially grow to forty or fifty yards. Also on the taffrail, Zamira says that Verrari archers shot men swimming in the water after being knocked overboard until devilfish came. Clearly this shows that devilfish are predatory in nature.

Anatomy Edit

Devilfish are shown to be extremely similar to giant squids physically. They can grow from twenty four feet to potentially fifty yards long. They have grey bodies, and have large black eyes the size of soup bowls. They are predatory in nature and will attack people who fall or jump into water.

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