Camorr Wiki

Camorri currency is set in denominations of copper, silver, gold, and a material called white iron.

Copper is the smallest amount and is minted in pieces called barons. Barons are the most common currency, and are used as the primary purchasing units in Camorr. a Baron can be split into Half Barons and even Quarter Barons, but no smaller denomination exists. Copper buys necessities: bread, cheese, cloth, fish, ale, etc. Coppers are also used most commonly for charitable donations.

Silver is the next largest denomination and is minted in pieces called solons. Silver is the next most common currency, and is usually used as a means of payment to employees, since it is easier to use than handing out bags of copper.

Gold is the next largest denomination and is minted in pieces called tyrin.

White Iron is the last and largest denomination and it is minted in pieces called crowns. Crowns are the rarest of coins, but the most commonly mentioned in the stories. a Yellowjacket earns roughly six full crowns a year for his employment with the guard. This is of course metered out in smaller denominations.

1 Crown = 4 Tyrins = 40 Solons = 240 Barons = 480 Half Barons = 960 Quarter Barons

1 Tyrin = 10 Solons = 60 Barons = 120 Half Barons = 240 Quarter Barons

1 Solon = 6 Barons = 12 Half Barons = 24 Quarter Barons

1 Baron = 2 half Barons = 4 Quarter Barons

According to Scott Lynch, one White Iron Crown is worth roughly $5,000 or £3,166. to quote:

"The comparison figure I decided to use when I was initially worldbuilding was the annual pay of a yellowjacket, which is roughly six white iron crowns (though of course a constable never actually touches white iron; the disbursements come in the form of copper and silver). You can pretty directly compare that to the low end of starting police salaries in the US in the early 21st century; let’s say $30,000. In the UK, £19,000 or thereabouts."

This means that:

1 Tyrin = $1,250 approx.

1 Solon = $125 approx.

1 Baron = $20.83 approx.

1/2 Baron = $10.41 approx.

1/4 Baron = $5.20 approx.

This means that Locke and the Gentlemen Bastard's 40,000 crown haul was worth approximately $200,000,000.