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| Skin Color = Olive
| Skin Color = Olive
| Profession = Theif
| Profession = Thief
| Residence = Temple of Perelandro, Temple District, Camorr
| Residence = Temple of Perelandro, Temple District, Camorr
| Affiliation = The [[Gentlemen Bastards]]
| Affiliation = The [[Gentlemen Bastards]]

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Calo Sanza

Biographical Information
Real Name
Calo Sanza
Current Status
Physical Description
Hair Color
Eye Color
Skin Color
Personal Information
Temple of Perelandro, Temple District, Camorr
Chronological Information
First Mentioned
First Appeared
Last Appeared

Calo Sanza, full name Calo Giacomo Petruzzo Sanza, was the identical twin brother of Galdo Sanza and a member of the Gentlemen Bastards until he and his brother were murdered by the Berangias Sisters.


The twins’ past before their arrival at Shades’ Hill is unknown, though they are clearly orphans. Father Chains bought them when Locke arrived at Shades’ Hill (they claim to remember him), meaning they were in the Gentlemen Bastards a year before Locke’s entry. Collectively, they were the second addition to the Gentlemen Bastards.

As part of their training, they were briefly affiliated into a godly order; Calo became an initiate of Gandolo and Galdo became an initiate of Sendovani.

Details of their teenage years are yet to be revealed.


Much to the vexation of others, the twins took advantage of their identical appearances as children and refused to reveal their true identities, purposely speaking and acting in unison to provoke Chains, who described them as ‘giggling idiots’.

The Sanza twins were mischievous and unmanageable at best during their early years, and it seems that their love for frivolity never truly died. Their playful egotism and daft humour is reflected in their light-hearted banter; the twins have a habit of finishing each other sentences and speaking in unison:

“‘The only person who gets away with Locke Lamora games…’ ‘…is Locke…’ ‘…because we think the gods are saving him up for a really big death. Something with knives and hot irons…’ ‘…and fifty thousand cheering spectators.’ The brothers cleared their throats in unison.”

The twins are the only Gentlemen Bastards who smoke. They are said to be ‘silver at all trades, gold at none’ and their game-cheating antics are renowned throughout the Camorr underworld. Even Locke appraises their card skills.

They are depicted to be womanisers, not just by their own boasts but also by the prostitute, Felice, and the black alchemists, Janellaine and Jessaline.