The God

Callo Androno, Eyes of the Crossroads, god of travel, languages and lore is one of The Twelve, the gods of the Therin people. As the god responsible for lore, Callo Androno is one of the two deities, along with Morgante, who were publicly invoked before a play in any Therin city. One of the symbols of Callo Androno is a blessed writing quill.

The Priesthood

The priesthood of Callo Androno was considered, at least by Locke Lamora and Jean Tannen, to be the shoddiest of the Twelve. As the god of travel, His priests are itinerant, moving from place to place. As the god of languages and lore He is also represented by scholars settled throughout the Therin world. Both His priests and scholars take pride in the roughness of their garments. In order to impersonate His priests, Locke and Jean requested robes sewn together from old sailcloth or any spare robes or clothing. Though the thing that sets representatives of Callo Androno apart from people who just can't afford nice clothes are their distinctive blue headbands.

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