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Aza Guilla, also know as the Lady of the Long Silence and the Lady Most Kind, is one of The Twelve, the gods of the Therin people. She is the goddess of death, depicted as wearing a veil. She embraces the dead, cares for them and is said to weigh the souls of the departed once they've gone on to the other side. Her followers court death seeking to understand it, and see death as a gift rather than a curse. She is perhaps the most respected and most honoured of The Twelve. The usual sacrifice to Aza Guilla is a silk shroud.


Unique among the orders of the Therin clergy, the servants of Aza Guilla begin their initiation in only one place, Revelation House. The great temple to the Goddess is located a week's journey south of Camorr, carved into the side of a great white cliff face hanging 300 feet above the Iron Sea.

Initiates are constantly brought closer to the Lady by being exposed to deadly peril at every turn. Revelation house has no safety railings. To get anywhere the residents must traverse open-air walkways, stairways and ladders with nothing but air between them and a very sudden meeting with the Goddess. They are taught that the only way to better understand Her is to approach as close to death as possible as often as possible. In addition to their precarious living conditions initiates are also brought closer to death through ritual poisonings, called Anguishment, as well as being hung from silk until nearly dead, being exsanguinated (drained of blood), handling snakes, and swimming with sharks (sharks are considered particularly beloved servants of the Lady Most Kind). During their apprenticeships aspiring servants of Aza Guilla also occasionally sleep in tombs.

Priests of Aza Guilla wear plain black robes with no adornment save braided silver collars at the neck as some sort of indication of rank or seniority. They also conceal their faces behind the Sorrowful Visage. It's said that the priesthood of the Lady Most Kind has only one face, and that face is inscrutable. For full priests the Sorrowful Visage is a mask composed of a featureless hemisphere of fine silver mesh, designed to be intentionally disconcerting to all who look on them. Initiates are required to begin wearing the Sorrowful Visage once they ascend to the Second Inner Mystery. Though the mask for initiates bears a crude resemblance to a human face with an indentation at the nose and holes for the eyes and mouth.

Jean Tannen achieved the Third Inner Mystery during his infiltration of the priesthood of Aza Guilla before deciding that continuing on sounded more dangerous than beneficial. He faked the death of his assumed identity.